2019 Wedding Trends

Your special day is exactly that: special. It should be a unique reflection of what you and your partner picture as an extension of who you are together, of your love for one another and this incredible journey as you evolve into one. Here are our favourite 2019 Wedding Trends for you to gain inspiration from and to make your wonderful occasion a date never to be forgotten…



The backdrop to your wedding is an important focal point; comfortability, functionality, bold statements and intriguing colour palettes set the mood and tone for the evening. In 2019 wedding co-ordinators and events specialists bring this special day to life with warm, earthy tones, rich velvety touches and simple, mismatched pieces. The style of the hour is about creating a homely feel to the event with easy-lounging for guests. 2019 brides’ piece together sofas and rattan items to create comfy seating areas, while at the reception guests find themselves seated on an array of dining chairs, brought together with plain ribbon and green foliage.



“Grazing” is the word of the day when it comes to planning a wedding in 2019. More and more caterers and Restaurants are noticing the subtle shift from the standard three-course or buffet-style dining to scrumptious harvest tables, speciality themed carts and tasteful dessert spreads. Enjoying a delicious meal is a big part of any wedding celebration and guests can find more ways to connect when they’re meeting at a craft gin bar, or making a selection from a cheese plate. Brides have also started making more requests for texture and intrigue across their dishes; particularly wedding cakes where edible lace, dainty pipework and striking geode come into play. Our favourite nibbles trend that is making a big splash in 2019 is all about late-night grazing. Introducing clever hand-held eats into the mix, when guests are dancing, or clustered together having a chat in a seating area, makes for a fun, thoughtful way to keep guests satiated and celebrating. We explore fantastic wedding nibble options here.


Wedding Favours

Staying on topic with food a while longer; a major trend for 2019 is giving guests edible wedding favours! Several 2019 brides have opted to forgo the frustrating and daunting task of finding a party favour every guest will love, for a sweet treat instead; this works for every guest, from traditional grandparents to quirky cousins or trendy friends. It opens up the door to an array of interesting and exciting options, which can all be packaged beautifully for that added special touch. A few firm favourites amongst bridal couples are jars of craft sweets, personalised bottles of condiments, such as olive oil or jam, or themed cupcakes.

For couples wishing their favours would last a little longer than the car ride home after the wedding: pretty succulents, themed bottle openers or bottle stoppers and tea infusers have also made an entrance.


Wedding Experiences

One of the biggest changes for weddings in 2019 is the bride’s choice to ditch the over-the-top, fru-fru décor and rather focus on the guest’s experience of the wedding. A trend in 2019 for décor is all about simplicity, clean palettes and minimalistic floral arrangements in favour of having more fun. For a South African bride, that means bomas, potjies or spit braais, drum circles, selfie booths and craft alcohol carts with a DIY twist. Gone are the days of stiff, formal dinner parties and, it seems, here to stay are light-hearted evenings filled with laughter and fun themed activities for guests to enjoy. This makes guests feel more special at your event and is likely something they will remember for a long time.

It’s important to remember that while these styles and looks are trending right now, your unique style will never go out of fashion for you. Chat to our dedicated wedding team to find out how to make your wedding a memorable slice of {wedding} cake.

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