7 Different Types of ‘Moons’ You Can Take in Lieu of a Traditional Honeymoon

Many moons ago, it was a tradition for newlyweds to leave for their honeymoon either after their wedding reception or the morning after their wedding day. In fact, if you were to leave for your honeymoon after your wedding reception, the bride would more often than not change out of her wedding dress into something a little bit more comfortable, yet still quite formal, to travel in. Even though being swept off your feet straight after your wedding reception to your honeymoon destination seems to be the most romantic and ideal thing to do, it’s just not always possible. The fast-paced living of today causes conflict with this tradition, as school and work schedules or other commitments can alter your romantic honeymoon plans. Sometimes, it’s just not in the budget to head on your dream honeymoon after paying for your big day.

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However, times have changed, and the modern way of doing things has swiftly pushed all things traditional aside. Nowadays, there are all sorts of “moons” that couples can take in lieu of a traditional honeymoon, and the terminology can be somewhat confusing, so let’s break them down for you! These moons act as honeymoon alternatives for those that can’t (or don’t want) traditional.


An earlymoon is a honeymoon you take about a month or two before your wedding day to relax, unwind, re-connect with your partner, and temporarily forget about the pressure and stress of planning a wedding.


A minimoon is a small and quick getaway for newlyweds who either don’t have the time or money (or both) to go on an extended honeymoon after their wedding. A minimoon doesn’t mean it is any less perfect or memorable than the traditional version.

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An elopementmoon is an elopement and honeymoon all wrapped into one. If you and your fiancé are planning to elope to a certain destination, then why not take your honeymoon straight from there, or stay in or around that area for your honeymoon.


A familymoon is for couples who already have children and want to turn their honeymoon into a memorable family holiday; a lot of resorts, such as Mount Amanzi, offer kids activities so they will be entertained so you can still enjoy some time alone. Couples may opt for a destination wedding and just stay there for their honeymoon, so their families may want to stay and make it into a holiday for themselves, too. Perhaps, couples just want to share their honeymoon with their whole family. Well, just as long as the newlyweds still have enough quality time together – then why not?

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Buddymoons are a rising trend and is exactly what it sounds like; a honeymoon with your friends. More and more couples are exchanging the traditional honeymoon for a buddymoon – or matemoon, friendmoon, honeybud – for a group holiday with their closest friends (usually other couples).


Why have one honeymoon when you can have many? The manymoon is a number of holidays you take throughout the first year of marriage, rather than one long trip taken right after saying “I do”. After all, you can never have too many romantic getaways with your new life partner!


This is definitely the most interesting and daring alternative to the traditional honeymoon. A mysterymoon is a new trend whereby someone else, a third party, plans your honeymoon for you. This option is great if you are both bad planners, quite adventurous, open-minded and up for a surprise. The mysterymoon is quite unconventional, but with the right planning and consultation this could be the honeymoon you’ve never dreamt of (in a good way).

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If you’re unable to or you’re not into the traditional type of honeymoon, then perhaps one of these ‘moon’ alternatives would be the perfect fit for you and your partner.

Would you ever consider one of these ‘moons’? If so, which one?

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