Wedding Tips and Tricks for Your Special Day

Venues, catering, invitations, and RSVPs. These are just some of the things involved in the whirlwind that is wedding planning. It can be a rather stressful task to plan a wedding and it is easy to lose the fun and joy over the course of the whole process. We have hosted our fair share of weddings here at Mount Amanzi and we know a thing or two about trying to make weddings as stress-free as possible. Keep reading for some of our favourite wedding tips and tricks that will take the strain out of your special day.

Embrace the digital age

Create a “wedsite” for your wedding. This has to be the most genius tip on this list! Wedding websites allow you to communicate with your guests all at once. You can streamline your wedding planning tasks on the website, your guests can RSVP online which means you don’t have to print or buy RSVP cards and it will be easier to keep track of responses. This option is eco-friendly and cost-effective as you have the option of creating paperless invitations (evites) which cuts down on printing costs and paper waste.

Number the back of all your RSVP cards

 If you are sentimental and not ready to let go of print just yet, make sure to put a tiny number on the back of each RSVP card and number your guest list accordingly. This will help you keep track of people who have and haven’t responded. It also helps when guests forget to write their names on the cards.

Ask Your Guests for Song Requests

Nobody wants to see an empty dance floor on their wedding day. You want your guests to be able to let their hair down and have a good time. One way of ensuring that they get down on the dance floor is to encourage them to submit their song requests via your wedding website prior to the big day. You can then give this list of songs to your DJ. This way everyone is guaranteed a good time!

Hire A Wedding Planner

You may be inclined to do everything by yourself and you probably can, but this does not mean that you should. Get yourself some help – hire a wedding planner! Many brides and grooms would rather do everything by themselves because they think it will help them save money, however, the reality may be quite the opposite because nothing compares to the knowledge and experience of a good wedding planner. Working with a wedding planner goes far beyond convenience. You will be saving time, money, and yourself from many headaches. Mount Amanzi has a dedicated events coordinator who has worked on many weddings at the Resort and will be available to help you and give you some golden nuggets on how to make your day even more special.

Outdoor wedding? Stock up on veil weights NOW

The best way to avoid a wind and veil fiasco is by attaching little weights to the veil. If any part of your wedding is outdoors, you can simply clip the weights onto your veil and they will stop it from blowing every which way – avoiding any disruptions to your ceremony and photos. Mount Amanzi offers various outdoor wedding packages including picnic weddings. You can talk to our event coordinator to help you put together your dream outdoor wedding.

Have Denture Tablets on Hand

Firstly, you need to have an emergency kit and, secondly, include a packet of denture tablets in that kit. These will come in handy if you accidentally stain your dress and you need to quickly clean it up. All you need to do is dissolve the tablet in some water, dip a cloth in it to blot the stain before it sets, and voilà – the stain will be gone.

Keep a Travel Sewing Kit in the Bathrooms

Travel sewing kits are a lifesaver not only for the bridal party but the guests as well. We have all heard stories of people break-dancing a little too much on the dance floor. This typically results in someone ripping the seam of a pant leg or a dress strap coming loose because it is held on by a thread (literally!). Having an emergency travel sewing kit in the bathrooms will allow your guests to quickly fix a wardrobe malfunction and get back to enjoying the celebrations.

Fake It Till You Make It and Freeze The Real Deal.

You can splurge on a tiered cake with all the bells and whistles (or have false Styrofoam tiers) for your photos and then have a simple, less fancy sheet cake in the kitchen to serve your guests. It will taste just as delicious and will require less decorating which will save you some money. If you want to have your cake on your first wedding anniversary, and actually enjoy it, freeze it for a few minutes before wrapping to harden the icing and make it easier to wrap.

Finally, remember the most important tip of them all – breathe and take it all in. Your wedding is a celebration of the love between you and your partner and a chance to share that with those close to you. The reason you are there is what makes the day beautiful – to marry your best friend. All the other things are just extras.

Our events coordinator will have lots of advice when you book your wedding at Mount Amanzi, so be sure to chat with our Onsite Team.

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