It’s time to take a break!

We all know the ‘take some time off’ speech, whispered to us by valiant co-workers, and scolded by concerned parents. For many of us, taking a vacation is something that takes arduous planning and meticulous execution to ensure maximum levels of relaxation are achieved. On the other hand, we never get to booking a holiday because life seems to get in the way.

Well, we’re here to tell you its time to take those concerns to heart, listen to your inside voice and reset the clock for a time out! With the prolonged pressure of COVID-19 pandemic, we have had no option but to stay home for the safety of ourselves and loved ones, however, the light at the end of the travelling tunnel that we’ve all heard of is slowly but surely coming to fruition. With intra-provincial travel now being opened, we have the option to return to our favourite holiday havens. This is a great opportunity been given to us all, to once again venture to existing Resorts and explore new and unknown holidaying gems, our country has to offer.

There is no denying that these past months have been very intense for us all. The sudden uprooting of our lives has had a rather negative effect on our physical, mental, and financial well-being. This is something that cannot be ignored any longer, it is vital for us to take advantage of the opportunities made available to us for travel and take time out for much-needed rest and relaxation. Go on, pack your bags, and head out on a journey of wonder and escape. Feed your soul with a case of holiday’ happy’s’ – you deserve it!

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