This is why you’d want to have an autumn wedding

With the weather cooling off quite a bit and the winds of April wafting in, why not get into the wedding spirit?

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t waste time making memories. It’s a new year with a new opportunity to make every moment count. Sold yet? If not, continue reading…

Gone are the days of summer weddings dominating the world of saying “I Do.” Many couples are now starting to take advantage of the risqué autumn trends with moody colours, hearty food, and an atmosphere scented with woody aromas and warm ash.

If you’re still on the fence and your answer is not an autumn-atic YES, then perhaps these will lead to a change in your wedding winds.

  • This is probably the most important point for the bridal couple, guests, kitchen staff, the preservation of your Aunt’s make-up and tissues in her heavily perfumed purse…yes, the WEATHER! Although South Africa is blessed with probably the best summer months in the entire world, there comes a point where the intense heat is just waaay too much. Have you ever tried to get dressed for a wedding in December, January, or February? By the time you’re eventually in the car, waiting for the aircon to kick in, you’ve just about had enough! With cooler winds circulating in autumn, you’re already halfway there – eliminating the risk of annoyed guests means a more chilled celebration –pun intended!
  • The colours around autumn are simply stunning – tones of deep red, burnt orange, and gold make for a warm and rich ceremony.
  • With the air getting crisper, it’s a great idea to have several fire pits ablaze, for your guests to huddle around; as you and your better half sip on signature autumn cocktails.  
  • Have you thought about the comfort of dressing during autumn? Ditch the strappy, sparkly heels and be comfortable in a pair of warm bridal booties.
  • Now, as the colder months begin to creep in, so does comfort food. Who doesn’t like a slow-cooked lamb shank served with loads of buttery mash and seasonal veg? Nobody! When it comes to wedding food, guests are always going to be supercritical, however, if you serve someone a hearty, soul-hugging plate of food, they did not have to cook, you’re guaranteed to have a room full of, well, full stomachs. Either way, this is what you’re aiming for!
  • In terms of décor, think rustic and warm. The great thing about hosting a wedding in autumn is that you can get away with such simple décor that will be sure to wow! Try to get a hold of bales of hay, which you can, of course dress up as you’d like. What about repurposing those gorgeous multi-coloured leaves which fall from the massive oak tree in your back yard? You see, there are so many ways to be creative!
  • Fruit is your friend – Pears, apples, and pomegranates are great to use for table numbers and even seating arrangements.  
  • Mix up your flower selection with fresh and dried flowers.
  • Finish off your wedding dress with an embellished leather jacket. Too edgy? Perhaps try a wedding cloak. Warmth and style- what more could you ask for?

So you see, while summer weddings are spectacular in their entirety, autumn isn’t the ugly step-cousin! Autumn weddings have proven to be warm as they dazzle with rich colours and rustic remembrance. The air around us lightens and as the sun sets, you are handed the most majestic backdrop any couple could ask for. Rest assured, it’s safe to leap into the pile of autumn leaves you used to scrunch in your hands and crunch under your feet as a child. After all the best memories are made when you follow the beat of your drum.

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