Micro weddings at Mount Amanzi

Smaller weddings with big personality!

With normal, conventional events and get-togethers having to adapt to the new 1.5m apart world, we’ve seen the emergence of out-of-the-box trends – micro weddings are an ideal example of this.

No matter which cultural group you form part of, weddings have always been a big deal for any family. Weddings have historically been responsible for the emergence of the side-eye shot at you by your mom’s friend’s cousin’s wife…because you didn’t invite her to your wedding! However, have no fear, for the Micro Wedding is here to save you from that tannies awkward cold shoulder.

Are you ready to wave adieu to the traditional big, over-the-top wedding? No? Perhaps these pros will convince you.

No more rushing around during the reception:

A traditional wedding with 200 to 300 guests often has the bridal couple in a bit of a frits! With all the rushing around, greeting, hugging, thanking and rather intrusive kisses (with no clear direction), you and your partner won’t have the opportunity to enjoy the day you’ve been dreaming of for the past few years.  Micro weddings allow so much breathing space for the two of you. There is more opportunity for memories to be made and for you and your loved ones to bond at YOUR special day. A day filled with your CLOSEST family and friends, as you begin this new chapter…what more could you ask for?

Tailor made touches:

We can’t emphasize this enough! This is such an amazing opportunity to personalise your special day with all that you hold dear to your heart. Remember, guests want to feel at home, they want to immerse themselves in the love that you and your partner share, for that day, in particular. So, why not take this opportunity to be super creative and unique and make your wedding day reflect your story, culture and style.

Bringing down the budget:

Say goodbye to the frantic late night budgeting, the constant chopping and changing of caterers, pedantic picking of flower arrangements and so forth. Because everything is so close-knit and intimate, it’s easier to downscale on the amount of Rands you throw around the wedding and save for the honeymoon, why not?! Of course, frugality may not be one of your strong points and that’s completely fine. With choosing to opt for a smaller wedding, you can absolutely spurge on all the items which will cement your fairy tale wedding. Go on and get the expensive décor, book your dream venue, be spoilt for choice when picking a catering company! More cash available means more opportunity to customise your wedding day to you exact specifications, without batting and eye.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to ditch the woes associated with the traditional wedding and join the mini marriage movement. If you’re already on the lookout for a venue, we have some great news – Mount Amanzi is in the business of creating the most spectacular, tailor-made Micro Weddings! Get in touch with us today to  find out more.

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”

—William Lyon Phelps

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