Cupids Corner

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, however, now is not the time to neglect date night! With the country struck, not by cupid, this year, but by the other ‘C’ word, Corona virus has once again forced us to rethink our plans. While going out for a romantic dinner might be off the cards, there are a few alternatives you can consider in order to celebrate your special someone and just life in general.

Camping in the backyard| this is pretty perfect for summer nights, we South Africans are accustom, to. Why not hang up a few fairy lights, lay a comfy blanket down and gaze at the stars! This is a date that is in the comfort of your own home, which means you can save on costs, while doubling up on the romance. It may be a good idea to order in some chow and just take some time to chill on a summery evening.

The traditional brekkie in bed| breakfast in bed will never go out of fashion – who doesn’t like to be waken up with the smell of coffee and pancakes wafting through the air? If your partner is more of a savoury person, why not try a breakfast pizza instead?

Why not play a few board games in your pj’s?  Yes, we know Netflix and chilling is now the ‘in thing’ but this is a great opportunity to test your skills as a couple (don’t worry, we’re not playing scrabble or the family feud inducing …Monopoly). If you’re a couple that fancy’s a fun and intellectual challenge, why not get in touch with your inner Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?

Chocolate fondue| Nothing screams romance more than chocolate, as strange as it is, there’s nothing quite like professing ones love with an array of these melty assortments. Fondue is great because it’s just genuine foody fun. Be creative and innovative with what you want to dunk in the chocolate.

Have a couples cook-off| remember those times when you and your beau can’t decide what to eat? Well, why not have an inventive cook off with your better half? Make it interesting by creating a mystery box for each other, with secret ingredients. However, instead of it being a competition, have a big feast and enjoy each other’s gastronomic creativity!

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