So we noticed most people overindulge during the winter period and even more decide to lose “at least eight kilogrammes” in an attempt to get their “summer bodies”. Until we came across this meme:

Apparently gaining a few isn’t limited to the colder months. And with everyone scrambling to lose weight in time for December holidays… we decided to share this post.

Although some people swear by detox water as a “miracle cure” and a way to the “shed the pounds instantly”, it is not really going to make a difference until you adapt your lifestyle and start eating healthy food; and introduce some exercise into your weekly routine.

Even though detox water isn’t some “miracle wonder”, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of health benefits to cutting out sugary soft drinks and fruit juices (that often have the same amount of sugar as Coke). Benefits of drinking more water includes that it curbs cravings (which results in weight loss); it increases energy levels and relieves fatigue; it can assist in flushing out your system, it improves skin complexity, maintains regularity, boosts the immune system, is a natural headache remedy and can prevent cramps and sprains. In this light, we can sort of see why people believe water is a miracle wonder.

Here are Mount Amanzi’s top “flavoured” water recipes to ensure you drink lots of water and actually enjoy it – this can be one practical way you can improve your life and your year. So… this way to the yummy water recipes 🙂

A Morning Lemon Twist

What You Need: 1/2 a Lemon, 1/3 Cup of Boiling Water, 1/4 Cup Cold Water.

Simple Instructions: Squeeze the lemon into a cup, add the boiling water; once all the flavour is released, add the cold water and drink warm.

A Basil-Strawberry Refresher

What You Need: Ice, Water, 3 Basil Leaves, 1 Strawberry – Sliced, 3 to 5 Slices of Cucumber.

Simple Instructions: Roughly chop the basil, cucumber and strawberry and throw into a tall glass/water bottle, with ice.

Apple Cinnamon Crusher

What You Need: 1 Apple, 1 Cinnamon Stick, Water and Ice.

Simple Instructions: Chop the apple into large chunks (keep the skin on), throw into a jar (like a CONSOL Jar), with a cinnamon stick and leave in the fridge overnight. The next day, add ice and enjoy. Tip: If the apple has browned and it bothers you, remove it before drinking.

Citrus and Cucumber Blast

What You Need: 2 Full Slices of Lemon, 1 Slice of Grapefruit, 2 Small Slices of Lime, 3 Slices of Lime, 3 Slices of Cucumber, 6 Mint leaves, Ice and Water.

Simple Instructions: Fill a tall glass with ice and water (about ¾ of glass full), then add the rest of the ingredients.

Green Apple, Mint and Cucumber Wonder Water

What You Need: 2 Litres of Water, Ice, ½ a Green Apple, 8 Centimetres of Cucumber, Small Handful of Mint Leaves and ½ a Lemon or Lime (Optional).

Simple Instructions: Thinly slice ingredients and place in a jug; fill it with water and leave it overnight. You may strain the mixture or leave as is; but serve it with lots of ice.

Chia Seed Water

What You Need: Water, Tablespoon of Chia Seeds, Juice of 1 Lime and Teaspoon of Honey.

Simple Instructions: In a water bottle pour all ingredients, close it and shake. Then let the mixture stand for at least ten minutes and enjoy.

Strawberry and Watermelon Flush

What You Need: 2 Cups of Watermelon, 7 Strawberries, ½ a Lemon Juiced and Cup of Water.

Simple Instructions: Juice all the ingredients and enjoy with ice.

These waters will ensure that you take in the daily amount of water you need just because of their yumminess. If you are the forgetful type, we highly recommend that you install a water app (there are plenty to choose from); these apps remind you to drink water throughout the day and let you know whether you have taken in enough. Remember you need to drink two litres or eight glasses of water per day – so consider ditching those extra cups of coffee and tea, and drink water instead. A practical step in the right direction this year and beyond!

“Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over.”

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