Mount Amanzi’s Favourite DIY Spa Ideas of 2018

As much as we love to pamper, spoil and help guests unwind with treatments and pamper sessions at Mount Amanzi Spa, we know that sometimes you need to go the DIY route in-between treatments. So, we compiled our favourite DIY Spa Ideas of 2018.

#1) Relaxing Bubble Baths

#2) Sugar Scrub

#3) Love Your Skin

#4) Shower Jellies

#) 5 Bath Bombs

#6) Moisturiser, Scrub and Facial

#7) Scrub, Facial and Cream

#8) Ideas to Relax

#9) Soak for Better Sleep and Stress Relief

Have any DIY Spa tips to share? Please feel free to drop as a comment. 

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