Hurrah for the holidays!

It’s no secret that the past few months have been cold with cabin fever blues – a period of time that seemed never-ending…until our 8th monthly friend, August arrived. Floating in on a forgotten warmth, she has swept in and has begun to mend the broken spirits of a shackled people.

With intra-provincial leisure travel been given the go-ahead by Government, we have the opportunity to finally make a great escape and head for the hills (or Magaliesberg Mountains, if you wish).

We cannot emphasize how important holidays are and the benefits of getting away, even if it is within your own province, for now.

According to a recent study done by the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental illness, including that of stress and anxiety disorders will be the second cause of disability in 2020. Remember, suppressing stress only aggravates a situation, until you cannot ignore it anymore and you reach the tipping point you have been trying so hard to avoid.

How about a change of environment? There have been numerous studies indicating a correlation between stress and cardiovascular disease. With many of us being cooped up at home for the past few months, stress associated with working remotely, job security, salary cuts, and so forth eat at us on a daily basis. It may be a sad reality to admit, but now our homes, which are supposed to be considered a sanctuary, have been tainted with these emotions. Think about it: considering our current circumstances, do you feel comfortable saying the following words to yourself? “I’m going to have a quiet weekend to myself, at home.” If the answer is a resounding NO then you definitely need a change of pace and environment. With spring around the corner, consider a mental health spring clean of sorts…pack your bags and head out!

We must take advantage of this opportunity been made available to us. We must make an active effort to put ourselves and our mental health at the top of the priority list. The amount of time lost during the nationwide lockdown has indeed, had an adverse effect on familial relationships and bonding with our nearest and dearest. It is so important to touch base with your loved ones, especially during times of crisis – sometimes all you need is a hug from Mom, to know that everything is going to be okay! Here’s your chance to make every moment count.

Carpe Diem!

For more information on how to go about making a booking at Mount Amanzi, please contact us on 012 381 5400 or email

*Please note that at this stage and in-line with government regulations, we may currently only accept visitors from the North West region. As outlined in the latest publication of the government gazette, inter-provincial leisure travel is not permitted.

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