What the Bloomin’ Wedding!

We can all shed sighs of relief. Spring has arrived, in all her colourful whimsy as her warm embrace sweeps us up, leaving behind those wintery woes!

Along with the rebirth of nature’s bright beam, is the opportunity to fall in love with your wedding plans again and consider a September soirée. Let’s get a spring in that step with these gorgeous wedding themes:

  • A Tropical Touch – nothing says spring fun like an abundance of flowers! Why not carry a bouquet of tulips and choose to colour the centre of your table with hyacinths. South Africa is blessed with such an array of flowers, if you choose to host a springin’ wedding, there’s no chance of going overboard with these scented beauties. Go on, have at it! 
  • Reception Recess – Yes you read that correctly. Weddings are always such a serious gathering, even Game Of Thrones had to add some colour in season 3 (that’s what you call a joke for the adult playground, which is where we are for the after party!) Host a fun-filled after party, full of childhood throwbacks – this will go down a treat, especially if your guests have grown up with you. Get a candy floss machine in, get burgers and milkshakes on the menu, what about a good ol’ popsicle (with a boozy grown up twist, of course). The options are endless and can even be themed!
  • The Enchanted Garden – whether it’s held in a properly pruned outdoor garden or an indoor wonderland of greenery and fragrant bloomers, this themed ‘I do’ is sure to be one for the photo album. Consider having your seating arrangement draped with different types of ivy and have your guests take their shoes off to become one with nature (this will also tip the comfortability scales, which is always a win!)
  • A Small Shindig – It seems like many couples are opting for smaller, more controlled weddings. Yes, as much as it may surprise you, you don’t have to be in a tizz, table hopping, having to greet Dad’s ex boss’s sister’s cousin!  You are not the wife of a wise guy!  
  • Colour, colour, colour – don’t be afraid to dabble in South Africa’s spring colour palette and coat your special day with vibrant tones of turmeric yellow, beaming blues, fierce orange and blushing pinks! Remember, your wedding day is a celebration, it should look like that, shouldn’t it?

With the introduction of warmer weather on the way and the country returning back to a sense of normalcy, it’s a great time to get back to planning your big day and take advantage of the festive South African spirit, which is slowly coming back to life!

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