Social distancing: The ideal during a holiday?

Traditionally, a holiday is taken to get away from the ‘busyness’, hustle, and bustle of everyday life. Every day we’re exposed to people huffing and puffing about how they need to go on a holiday and you can’t help but join in the droning complaints. So, when you do manage to go on holiday and you’re bombarded with crowds of people, fussing kids, and terrible spots to sit; if you’re on the beach, for example, the idea of a holiday right now might be met with utter disdain and anxiousness. These are just a few things you will be able to mitigate when going on holiday as you peek through the hedges of your home and venture out for the first time in several months.

So, without further ado, this is the health and safety measures you can look forward to at Mount Amanzi, which will be sure to contribute to your Zen goals.

Chalet Living

Mount Amanzi is not only situated in the most stunning of locations, but our spacious Resort also has 166 self-catering chalets, each unit, sleeping 5, 6, or 8 guests. We assume you’ve taken a holiday with your nearest and dearest, right? This is a great time to make the most of the time you have, with those you love. Spending some time in your chalet, playing games, catching up, and perhaps even getting to know someone; might just be exactly what you need! With socially distant holidaying, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our safety measures. We must remember that mutual respect for one another is of the utmost importance for the enjoyment of everyone.

Signed, sealed, and delivered

In order to practice safe and efficient social distancing, all chalets are cleaned, sanitised, and sealed before you enter. This is part of our HygienicHospitality initiative, launched by VRS to promote the health and safety of all guests. We have also decided to keep housekeeping to a minimum in order to mitigate the risk of failing to follow social protocols. If, however, you find that you need the housekeeping service at any time, the necessary arrangements can be made for you. 

Your PPE is of utmost importance

Please don’t forget your personal protective equipment! We understand that holidaying in a mask and walking in a cloud of sanitiser is not ideal, however, we would like you to seriously enjoy your time with us and if you happen to fall ill, then your holiday hot spot won’t be the best place to enjoy your time off. For more information about PPE and al our health and safety precautions, please read our blog about leisure travel here. We have of course complied with government regulations to make our space as safe as possible for you. Your temperature will be checked, sanitising of hands and the wearing of masks will be mandatory.   

We are so ecstatic to have you back at Mount Amanzi, the memories that are going to be made are endless! And yes, we have entered into a new sense of holiday normalcy, however, we must learn to accept change and learn to adapt. This is YOUR holiday home – let’s all dust our feet off on the ‘welcome’ mat and treat it with respect!

Mount Amanzi – your Zen space awaits…

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